Training Provider FAQ’s

1. What does it cost? Nothing.

2. What is this website and what does it do? It offers a learning management system free of us to both trainers and delegates. This means you, the trainer, are provided with all of the tools and features (free file hosting, video hosting, free advertising) required to create an e-Learning course from scratch, with full support from our eLearning.co.uk support staff.

3. What’s in it for me? Firstly, you are provided use of the website for free. This means you can sign up and use our eLearning.co.uk platform with no charge. For less computer-techincal tutors, our site is the perfect solution that will allow you to teach online without too much technical knowhow or hassle – and for those who are more tech savvy, it still offers a free place to host, manageĀ  and receive free advertising your (existing/new) course. Also, as we are part of a digital media company, we own and operate numerous online training based platforms and domain names – so your e-Learning courses will be advertised completely free of charge across these platforms, a number of which rank at position 1 in the various search engines.

4. How does the payment system work? Each course sold at e-Learning.co.uk will be handled via our secure payment system, your payment will then come from our company.

5. Can I allow my staff to edit our course? We can set up an e-Learning account to have more than one trainer assigned, we can also set up different roles (course manager, senior trainer, basic trainer) if restrictions are required via our platform user manager.