Create Your Own eLearning Course

freeIf you are a trainer or a training business and would like to know how to create and conduct training courses over the internet as e-learning courses – then you’ve come to the right place!

eLearning.co.uk is part of the XYZ Training Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of 1plus Media Group Ltd. We have over 10yrs experience in running a real life training company and of building training related internet portals, directories and websites Рlast year as a training business we held over 1500 residential training courses in topics ranging from health and safety to marketing and sales. Our portfolio of training related websites now also collectively receives over 2 million visitors per year and this is set to increase with our latest offering,  eLearning.co.uk.

eLearning.co.uk is a simple concept, call it a partnership arrangement if you will between you, the professional trainer and us. You bring the expertise and experience that a recognised and accredited tutor brings and we provide the platform, the internet know-how, the customer liaison, marketing, payment processing and website programming. All of which will allow you to quickly and easily train delegates on your very own elearning or distance learning course with us providing you with all the support you’ll even need. We even go as far as finding you the clients!

You need not know anything about computers or the internet in order to get started, there is no sign-up fee chargeable by us, we provide you with full training and ongoing support and you have complete  control over what you teach, to who, over what period and with whatever interaction or student involvement as is required. eLearning.co.uk provides the very same tools and interaction to you as if you were teaching or training with the student sat there in the classroom.

If your course has a chargeable fee payable by the delegate, we take care of this for you automatically. You set the prices and we take of this payment through our completely safe and secure online booking and payment system.

So what interactive features are available? Our eLearning platform allows you to easily create and upload such things as; web pages, interactive videos, powerpoint demonstrations, quizzes, assignments, course notes, live web chats and interactive forums. Courses can be held over a strict duration, or they can be completed at the students own leisure.  If there are certificates to present, we can also take care of this for you. Better still, all successful students can go ahead and print their own!

Once your course has been fully uploaded and verified, with the help of our eLearning support staff, you’ll be ready to go. What’s more, when you are ready to teach, we throw the weight of our parent companies marketing machine behind advertising your course to new clients.

eLearning.co.uk is part of the XYZ training alliance – so in order to set you up your account to log into the eLearning system, we need to you register at xyz.co.uk as one of our trainers.
This lets us handle the financial side of things as we set you up as one of our offical training providers. Once you’ve completed the registration at xyz.co.uk we can create your eLearning.co.uk account for you.

Any questions? Write to us here , telephone us on the number above or, if you’re ready to get started, register at XYZ.co.uk HERE.